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Do you like to play beer pong? Then the following problems will be familiar to you:


A gust of wind and many cups are no longer where they were before!


Uhhm how many people have already drunk from this cup?!


Cups after the game clean and reuse? No, let's throw them away and get new ones!


Oh, I thought you were bringing the cups today!


Were these cups mine? Or the other ones? They all look the same...


Hurry up! We want to play a round now!


"Crack!" and the cup is broken!

Does this sound familiar? We provide a remedy with our high-quality and sustainable products!

Beer Pong Becher Edelstahl

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Beer Pong Becher Aluminium

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Let's make the world a little better together and free our oceans and nature from plastic! Every day a little more! 

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